The trick is to smoke the meat without making the meat smoke

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I was trying a store bought dough ball for this pizza which has just been rolled out. The other ingredients are gathered. Meanwhile the Egg is at 600 and is preheating for 30 minutes.


The Newman;s Own Tomato Basil sauce has been spread out. I make my own version of this sauce, but I can't tell much difference between this and my own.


The first meat is imported Italian salami..


..followed by some imported Italian sopresatta which has been cut into quarters...


…then the pizza gets topped with it's first layer of a 6-cheese Italian cheese blend...


…next comes imported ham...


…the final meat is pepperoni (I forgot to take picture) followed by a second layer of the 6-cheese Italian cheese blend.


The pizza is on the Egg where it will cook for the next 5 minutes.


The pizza is done. I added 30 seconds to the cooking time because I was worried about all of the ingredients cooking through. I needn't have worried, everything was cooked through and 5 minutes would have been fine.


This pizza was so hot when it came off the grill I burned my fingers while slicing it.


This pizza had great taste and I managed to burn my mouth on it to. So next time I will definitely stick to the 5 minutes cooking time for sure, the extra 30 seconds wasn't needed.


This strebought crust had more of a rise than the dough recipes I've made.


The crust was evenly cooked and crunchy.

© 2012 Jim Mahoney