The trick is to smoke the meat without making the meat smoke

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The dough balls for this pizza were in the refrigerator, so I pulled them out 1 hour early to get to room temperature. The dough ball gets rolled out to form a 10-12" diameter to pizza.


First on was the tomato-basil pizza sauce….


…then came a 7 cheese Italian cheese blend...


…next was the pepperoni...


…last came the ham.


The Egg has been at 600 degrees for a little over 30 minutes.


I had a lot of used lump in this batch of charcoal, so I had to leave the daisey wheel temperature control off at the top chimney. One advantage to this was I could peer in and check on progress.


After 5:30 seconds the pizza is done. It is hard to believe that everything is cooked through in that short amount of time, but it is.


Time to eat!!


The crust looked slightly better than it did on my first pizza. I may try another 30 seconds longer, but I need to think about how the cheese will take that extra time. It was thoroughly melted this time around.


This is my favorite pizza to order at a neighborhood type pizzaria. Now I can make one at home that is the best version I've ever had. I have a feeling I'll be eating pizza out less often.

© 2012 Jim Mahoney