The trick is to smoke the meat without making the meat smoke

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The pizza crust is in the 7" ceramic deep dish pizza pan is on the plate setter on the Egg which is running at 425 degrees.


The crust cooks for about 10 minutes at 425, which serves to firm it up a bit. It now goes back to the Kitchen to receive the fillings.


The hot pizza crust & pan are setting on a half sheet pan with a cooling grid. This made a good topping station and trivet. Our toppings are: Pepperoni, Italian Seasoning spice blend, parmesan-reggiano cheese, mozzarella cheese, sugar, garlic, & canned finely diced peeled tomatoes.


The first step is to mix the ingredients for the sauce. The tomatoes, Italian seasoning blend, sugar & garlic are mixed in a small bowl.


The first layer of fillings is the mozzarella cheese, which was fanned out in two layers.


The second layer of mozzarella is done. This was about 1/2 pound of cheese.


The pepperoni was layered on two layers deep.


The tomato sauce went on top of the pepperoni.


The last filling was the grated parmesan-reggiano cheese.


The last step was to drizzle on 2 tablespoons worth of olive oil.


The pizza is back on the Egg still in the 7" ceramic pizza pan.


The pizza cooked for 25 minutes until the crust was cooked and the filling was bubbly.


The pizza is off the Egg and resting on a trivet for 10 minutes.


The 10 minute rest is up and the pizza is ready to eat. Looking at that pizza & smelling it while it cooled made for a very long 10 minutes.


The pizza was well worth the wait. The crust was excellent & the filling was very tasty & delicious. I can't wait to try other varieties of deep dish pizza.

© 2013 Jim Mahoney