The trick is to smoke the meat without making the meat smoke

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The first step was to make the glaze while the grill was warming up. The glaze used Cherry Coke, Grenadine, brown sugar, jalapeno peppers & corn starch.


The Chery Coke, brown sugar & diced jalapenos were simmered for 10 minutes.


When the glaze was done simmering the corn starch & Grenadine were mixed together & added to the glaze to thicken it.


The glaze was heated for an additional minute after the Grenadine/corn starch mixture was added.


The glaze was processed for 30 minutes in a food processor.


The steaks were direct grilled for 5 minutes a side at 400 degrees. Here they have been turned after the first side was finished.


The glaze was applied after the steaks were turned.


The glaze was applied to the steaks again after they came off the grill before they were plated.


The ham steaks were served with some Southwestern rice & some additional glaze for dipping.


These ham steaks were excellent. The glaze was a wonderful blend of sweet & hot & they had a wonderful charred flavor from the grilling. These will definately be made often around here.

© 2013 Jim Mahoney